What is Travel?

What is Travel?:  Cups of Coffee

Travel has always been something I love to do.  Every chance I get, I’m off to another destination, the farther and more foreign, the better.  All of my friends and co-workers can tell you this.  It’s become the punchline of any time-off request:  “So where are you off to this time?” 

It’s never about expensive hotels or amusement parks or fancy dinners out.  No business class.  No high-priced boutiques. 

Maybe I’m just easily amused.  I’d like to think of it as appreciating the really little things.

So awhile back, I decided to give up expectations for trips.  Now, I just travel for a cup of coffee.  Every trip is another cup of coffee.  Coffee in France.  Coffee in Hungary.  Coffee in Tanzania.  (Tea in Japan.)  And anything that I encounter beyond this cup of coffee is completey bonus.  I’m always surpised.  There’s always something I see or do or someone I encounter that is way beyond my expectations.


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