About the Fridge

There's still space on this fridge!

It’s not just the name of the blog. . .of course there’s a real-life fridge!  It’s in mom’s house (is there a more appropriate place to send postcards?)  She used to joke about filling up every last inch of surface space with postcards from new places, and I guess I took that as a personal mission.Getting the right postcard for mom is a challenging task.  She likes the unusual, the aesthetically-pleasing, the artsy.  I love wandering around a foreign city searching for the right card.

As if you couldn’t tell, I’m a big fan of postcards.  They’re symbols of a journey, a new destination, leisure time.  A tiny excerpt from a larger adventure.  Immediacy.  A pause.  Nothing too serious.  A true snapshot of a moment. 

I love this brevity.  It’s a fun exercise, capturing a moment in just a few sentences.  I guess our changing media encourages this as well – email, texting, character limits.  But I like to think of postcards as a forerunner of this movement, and a throwback to a time when writing and receiving a letter was an event.  The personal touch of hand writing ink on paper is a dying art.

If you’ve read the “about me” section, I guess this makes sense – a promotion producer is constantly challenged to get a message across in a minimal amount of time.  (Think of it as a 5 second movie trailer.)

I equally love receiving postcards!  Thanks SendMoneyPlease for filling my fridge with colorful cards and words written from far away last year!  May I be as fortunate to return the favor this year.

So clear away some space!  Postcards are on the way!