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Word of the Day: Lacet

5 Oct

Lacet (nm) –

French: Lace (of a shoe)
Oh, New Balance. You’re comfortable for walking, but you’re no match for hiking shoes in the Pyrenees.

New Balance, you’re no match for hiking boots in the Pyrenees.


Word of the Day: Péripherique

14 Sep

Péripherique (nm) –

French: beltway, ring road
As in “Doesn’t that sign on the side of the road look like a beltline? Do you think that’s what péripherique means? Wouldn’t it be easier to try that than to navigate through downtown?”

We know this now. It is much easier to take the péripherique.

Un péripherique.

Word of the Day: Flaque

9 Sep

flaque (nf)

French: puddle
If you’re going to walk around Paris in the rain for 3 days, you should keep this one handy.

Associated vocabulary:
parapluie (nm): umbrella
imperméable (nm): raincoat
café crème (nm): something you can order while sitting in the cafe waiting for the rain to let up, but be prepared, in Paris this will cost you about 4 euros.

From the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Word of the Day: Scribble & a-Scrabble

5 Aug

Scribble & a-Scrabble:

Funny to me in a “shouldn’t this be a term for a backscratch?” way. . .

No, the journey has yet to begin, but I’m pretending I’m on vacation this week – staying at the brand new, young-urban-professional aloft in Chapel Hill.  In a nod to Ikea and all that trendy Swedish lingo, they’ve given hip prefixes to their amenities, including apparently, the pencils in the room.  Formula-1 move over, you’ve got some US competition.

scribble & a-scrabble

Word of the Day: Northern Carolina

22 Jul

Word of the day – 

Northern Carolina:  According to RyanAir’s billing address drop-down menu, this is the state in which I live. 

Hmmm, and yet the gas station makes me enter a zip code to use a credit card.  Wonder if RyanAir cross checks that too.

Word of the Day: Élan

22 Jul

élan (nm) –
French: elk, moose
It’s the only one I missed on the Sporcle French animal vocabulary quiz.  Thank you Sporcle!  Not sure why I’d know this one.  Then again, not quite sure why I know the word for platypus is “un ornithorynque” either.

There’s also a note that a Canadian moose is “un orignal.”

No help from the Collins French Concise Dictionary – where neither ornithorynque nor orignal (nor platypus for that matter) is listed.  Fortunately, my Robert Micro Poche is nearby.

Word of the Day: Coccinelle

22 Jul

The first “word of the day.”

Coccinelle (nf)
French: ladybug

“Ladybug” is my childhood nickname, and now frequently, I’m responding to coccinelle as well. ;)