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Word of the Day: Flaque

9 Sep

flaque (nf)

French: puddle
If you’re going to walk around Paris in the rain for 3 days, you should keep this one handy.

Associated vocabulary:
parapluie (nm): umbrella
imperméable (nm): raincoat
café crème (nm): something you can order while sitting in the cafe waiting for the rain to let up, but be prepared, in Paris this will cost you about 4 euros.

From the Centre Pompidou, Paris.


Word of the Day: Scribble & a-Scrabble

5 Aug

Scribble & a-Scrabble:

Funny to me in a “shouldn’t this be a term for a backscratch?” way. . .

No, the journey has yet to begin, but I’m pretending I’m on vacation this week – staying at the brand new, young-urban-professional aloft in Chapel Hill.  In a nod to Ikea and all that trendy Swedish lingo, they’ve given hip prefixes to their amenities, including apparently, the pencils in the room.  Formula-1 move over, you’ve got some US competition.

scribble & a-scrabble

Word of the Day: Northern Carolina

22 Jul

Word of the day – 

Northern Carolina:  According to RyanAir’s billing address drop-down menu, this is the state in which I live. 

Hmmm, and yet the gas station makes me enter a zip code to use a credit card.  Wonder if RyanAir cross checks that too.

Word of the Day: Élan

22 Jul

élan (nm) –
French: elk, moose
It’s the only one I missed on the Sporcle French animal vocabulary quiz.  Thank you Sporcle!  Not sure why I’d know this one.  Then again, not quite sure why I know the word for platypus is “un ornithorynque” either.

There’s also a note that a Canadian moose is “un orignal.”

No help from the Collins French Concise Dictionary – where neither ornithorynque nor orignal (nor platypus for that matter) is listed.  Fortunately, my Robert Micro Poche is nearby.

Word of the Day: Coccinelle

22 Jul

The first “word of the day.”

Coccinelle (nf)
French: ladybug

“Ladybug” is my childhood nickname, and now frequently, I’m responding to coccinelle as well. ;)